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Are you planning to spend your holidays in an exquisite Mykonos villa? Excellent choice!

In Mykonos, we believe that a house turns into a warm home when its kitchen is full of delicious flavors, vivid colors and intriguing aromas. And this is why we offer the most wonderful live cooking services, all by our private chefs and team in your own Mykonos villa. Our team of Chefs of Mykonos, with dedicated food specialists, will be pleased to cater for every aspect of your culinary journey in Mykonos. Personalized BBQ parties, menus, oyster/seafood events on a villa/yacht there’s no gastronomic experience our expert staff and associates cannot accommodate. Our mission is to serve every discerning client in the best way. We offer unparalleled attention and a well-deserved delicious meal that you want.

Live Cooking on board

What could be a more luxurious way to experience a live cooking service than live cooking aboard a villa, mansion or a yacht sailing in the midst of the Aegean blue? Our talented chefs offer a wealth of choices to your guests when it comes to dining onboard. Plenteous options they might find difficult to have even in some restaurants ashore. Our chefs will create a menu of the highest calibre. Our associate chefs are super qualified, well-trained professionals with the proper manners boasting rich high-end restaurant backgrounds to make the meal a delightful journey. Take benefit of this opportunity and feel like you are in your own restaurant with a highly skilled chef to meet your every gastronomic desire. Combine that with the presence of an expert professional crew, and you get the ultimate five-star service you and your guests deserve.

Benefits of hiring a private chef

From birthdays to anniversaries to show-stopping events to sophisticated dinner parties with friends, there are several excuses to pull out all the stops and celebrate. The best way to ensure your occasion goes with a bang is to hire a talented private chef to do the catering. Not only will the perfect chef be able to prepare a yummy spread or devise a mouth-watering menu to sort your chosen menu and taste, but you can rest assured that each dish will be intagrammable. Your private chef will alleviate yourself of the responsibility of handling the food; you’ll have more free time for the other stuff. A private chef takes the dining experience to the next level; they will use their cooking skills and creativity to come up with savory flavors, beautiful and show-stopping delicious dishes that will get your guests talking for all the right reasons, using only the finest and freshest ingredients they can lay their hands on.

How is hiring a private chef the best choice?

To a private chef, both the flavors and presentation of each dish are the top priority. They can effortlessly curate awe-inspiring menus that impeccably work together in a holistic scene and impressive dinners with their individual merits. A private chef has a culinary degree and experience, so it’s always safe to say they know exactly what they are doing in the kitchen. You can transform a regular holiday into a thrilling one with a private chef. Renting a house, villa or yacht and hiring a private chef is the way to offer a perfect touch and get to be on holiday but feel at home. Through personalized menus, a private chef prepares your breakfast, lunch or dinner; this is the pleasure everybody wants to have when on holiday. Here are some more advantages of hiring a private chef at Mykonos:

  1. Eat whatever you want

A private chef provides you with the luxury of choosing whatever type of food you want to eat. For example, if you have plenty of guests at your villa, you want to prepare the best meal to satisfy them. Thus, if you want fried chicken or grilled beef, your chef will cook that for you. Private chefs can also cater to a buffet-style event, and you can definitely expect to pay less than you would for a sit-down silver service meal, as sandwiches and canapés tend to come at a cheaper price than haute cuisine. Still, if you’re expecting your private chef to invest some extra effort and time into creating elaborate food displays and presentations, you can avail of that service by paying a little higher.

  • Organize any type of event

With a personal chef, you can organize large-scale events; you must be prepared to pay an extra amount for their services as they will be catering to a massive number of guests where standards must be the highest. A cook for a relaxed picnic style gala event will charge you much less, but if you’re planning to create a more formal environment for the occasion, then it’s worth splurging on a private chef.

  • Cost-effective

This is another but the very crucial benefit of hiring a private chef. You will get the most out of your money. This is because the chef will always be able to give you outstanding services and ingredients that can only be obtained from a restaurant. There’s also a vast variety of cuisines to choose from, including several kinds of dishes. As you can sample multiple different types of foods, you are guaranteed that you will get something that you really like.

  • Favorite cuisines in a heavenly environment

Private Chefs who are experts in cooking exotic cuisines tend to charge more than those who cook more traditional food. A private chef has the skill to create an elegant atmosphere for your villa. This will create the best mood for your guests to relax and have fun. Furthermore, a private chef will also be able to design the menu that contains your preferences. The chef will know how to serve food to be pleasing to your guests’ taste. Hence, the overall experience will be one that you will definitely remember.

  • Dietary requests & number of dishes

Highly skilled and experienced private chefs know how to garnish and serve food to all manner of guests’ tastes and preferences. You can request your private chef to design a tasting menu to keep the momentum and excitement going throughout the evening, and every dish will make for a talking point. Some of your guests might have lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance. Others might be vegan or vegetarian, but a good chef will always be able to prepare the same meal in several variations to ensure that everybody enjoys the experience to the fullest. 

Wrap Up!

When you hire a private chef at Mykonos, you will never regret it because we offer more than enough benefits for you to enjoy. You will never have to worry about the quality and quantity of food you will be eating, the atmosphere your guests will experience, and the time it will take to prepare the meal because the chefs of Mykonos will ensure that everything will be done fast and right.

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Chefs of Mykonos are proud supporters of locally produced food!
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Chefs of Mykonos are proud supporters of locally produced food!
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Chefs of Mykonos are proud supporters of locally produced food!
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